Friday, November 30, 2007

Brittney's Busy Week

From the Hills of Wisconsin to Kansas to Minnesota to Dakota

To Space (not the final frontier but the flight director)

To the Ancient ruins of Anasazi
Oh the joys of sixth grade. Wheww time for the weekend!

True Life: She's a Public Adjuster

High School counselors do a terrible job guiding children to a worthy career. Doctor, lawyer, nurse are usually the choices given. The family business is public adjusting (whats that? "If someone has an insured loss we represent the client instead of the insurance company).
Anonymous Alice: Brown-O'Haver Oklahoma

After hours post inventory
(what a hot successful business woman)

House fire requiring inventory
(you can only imagine)
Post inventory
(note the nails and the great blackberry)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

You have been cautioned

77 days ago I bought a new car with a built in navigation system. I dont know why it tickles me so, but for the past 77 days at least twice a day I have to push the ok on this warning. Each time I laugh at "keeping your eyes and mind on the road".

(They've never driven with me huh Ruth?)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Deep Reflection By Jane

Earnest Desire
By Illichi Lee
When it is time for a chick to break out of its shell, it begins to tap. This is the signal for the mother hen to peck at the shell from the outside. The action of the chick combined with the external strength of the mother hen enables new life to be born.

Each of us nurtures a chick in our hearts. We call this chick desire. From deep within us, with all its strength, the chick tries to crack its shell to come into the world. At the same time our mother hen, the world around us, pecks with equal strength to help release this desire. As these two sources of strength collide, new insights are created.

When we possess an ardent wish in our hearts, events around us become like a mother hen, presenting opportunities and providing support, encouragement, and strength. These can be a line from a poem, a verse from a song, a chance meeting with a stranger. All of these collaborate, to help us give birth to our desires and make our dreams reality.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Down Under (My first Christmas Post)

Friday I started the day with the intentions of starting a picture collection of me by all of the trees that were decortated at retail stores for my first Christmas post. The first picture was taken at Wal-Mart near the tree that was decorated like a Dr Seuss tree (green bulbs and all). This collection was derailed when I came upon great laughter on my way to buy nylons passing the mens underwear section.

Monday, November 26, 2007

"Two Historians", The Photo Blog

You've seen my occasional photos now visit the photo blog and see history documented one day and one photo at a time. Two Historians (Of course this is all made possible by my Silverberry Pearl).

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Grandma got trumped

Aunt Jane pulled Sophia's tooth. This event trumped highlighting grandma's new cell phone.

Shout out to Utah

You know your are friends when..................

Highschool (Class of 89): One of the three says, "Let's join the Colorguard". One of the two remaining say, "What? You mean the Flag Team". The last of the three say, "Or the Fag Team". And the first friend says, "Its the Colorguard and its an easy way to letter, besides we can get the uniforms redone."

Fast Forward 2007. The first friend with the grand idea says, "I think I'll drag out that old of the Flag Team picture for the blog" only for the friend to respond, "You mean the Colorguard".
Thanks for experiencing life with me. Love you guys!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Jessica saw my new blackberry for the first time on Wednesday. She says, "Mom, what happened to your blackberry?" I told her I finally got a new pearl like my old one. Her response? "Oh so you have a silverberry now"

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Holidays

Last night we went out for an Enchanted Pre-Thanksgiving evening. I looked over and saw that 3 of the girls were wearing green. Then as we were leaving saw the Christmas tree. So Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas and St Patricks Day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You gave me a lot more than lipstick

A couple months ago I sent out a desperate plea to the women in my life helping me find Loreal 825 lipstick which they had discontinued. I can be quoted as saying, "that the person who got me out off Loreal 884 hell would be suffiently rewarded."

Without hesitation (and in record time) my sister Tami located and purchased me 10 tubes of Loreal 825.

Here is the reward: Public love tank filling.

There is no better older sister than Tami. She has been there to protect me as long as I can remember. Whether we were at the bus stop when my name was being mispronounced (yes she would beat up those boys) to being my own personal cheerleader.

One of the most difficult times for me was when she moved to Idaho and I was left to fend for myself at Weber High (never mind we had to split up the earring collection). My double date partner, skiing buddy, Concert goer (who can forget Air Supply), Miss America pagent co-judge and pool shark was gone in the blink of any eye.

As a mom I could only be as good as she is. She is patient and would do anything for her kids. She researches, learns things the hard way and then educates/prepares me.

I have been blessed to grow up with you by my side and am thankful everyday for the endless support and love you give me.

I LOVE YOU!!! (oh and thanks for the lipstick)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Describe me in one word

As with the many send along emails that I get, it gets a spot on the blog instead.
Two weeks ago Danya sent me the request to describe her in one word. I couldn't pick just one. So I sent "HOT" and "CARING"

The game is on............Request: All describe me in one word.

Back in Business

.Jane has got a Pearl

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Only in Oklahoma

Regular pick up: $30,000
Hemi: $40,000
Trailer: $20,000
Pearl to take the picture: $200
Cow stopping traffic on Freeway : Priceless

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ohio State Hell

I am surrounded my Ohio State Fans. I knew the crimson went along way but didnt appreciate the gravity until I was on a plane ride to Columbus in April. Oh my! Talk about team pride. So in honor of the big game today I am sending good kharma with the blackberry pearl photo collection. Kick Michigan's butt! (PS Ohio Racks: GO LIVE OR GO HOME)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My name is Debra not Lami

This is about Debra the Lamb.

We loved Debra. She was a great pet that let little girls play with her. We would tie her to the fence each evening and come to her loving baa baa each morning. One morning there was no baa baa. We woke up to only Debra's head tied to the fence (we lived in a farm community in the middle of nowhere, use your imagination). My loving father took her to the pet land fill (its a farm community, animals died they had to be dumped somewhere, again use your imagination-if you have ever been to one you will never forget the smell).

I could embellish the story and make you feel sorry for those too little girls that had such a traumatic experience--oh wait some have you have heard that version. I have decided instead to give you the humor in the story.

Fast Forward 2007. I have shared the story for years. However I always called our pet Lami. It wasn't until this year that I was informed by the co-owner of the pet that her name was Debra not Lami. Lami was the purple stuffed elephant that Tami got for Christmas that we named after the two of us (I liked purple, she liked elephants).

Ill just blame the name change on traumatic shock syndrome.

Camp Sombrero

Other than wanting a great way to spend time with Brittney I have no purpose being a Girl Scout leader. I don't camp. I know that may surprise many of you. HA

I arrive to the class tonight to be a certified camp leader. They play a Yes and No game (yes it as easy as it sounds, there is a piece of paper that says yes and one that says No. The ask a question and you go stand by the paper).

Question 1: Do you feel comfortable camping with your girls (is it bad that I stood by the yes sign because everyone else did). Questions 2-19 were all a blur

Question 20: Did you back into your parking space? Ummmmm No. So I shyly (along with 2 other women) stand by the No sign. Everyone else is allowed to sit as we have to stand and are publicly shamed in front of the group.

You NEVER should park your car at a girl scout camp head in (Ok picture it: a 72 year old hard core dramatic girl scout leader who is a no nonsense, I know more campfire songs than you, turn in your cell phone at the door kind of a teacher). "What if there is a fire? You must always carry your keys in your pocket and if someone blows the fire whistle" (oh damn what does that sound like) "then you meet at the flag pole and gather your girls together. Since you are a prepared leader you will have your keys the next step is to orderly get your girls out of camp. Can you imagine if you are all trying to back your cars out, that would be chaos. The only way it is orderly is if you back in and all pull out"

Ok, ladies let that be a lesson to you, you can go move your cars now.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You know you sing it every time you log on....

Jane Says Lyrics » Jane's Addiction

Jane says

I'm done with Sergio He treats me like a ragdoll She hides The television Says I don't owe him nothing, But if he comes back again Tell him to wait right here for me Or just Try again tomorrow I'm gonna kick tomorrow Gonna kick tomorrow Jane says Have you seen my wig around?I feel naked without it She knows They all want her to go But thats O.K. She dont like them anyway Jane says She's goin away to spain When she gets my money saved She's gonna start tomorrow I'm gonna kick tomorrow Gonna kick tomorrow She gets mad Starts to cry She takes a swing but She cant hit She don't mean no harm She just don't know What else to do about itJane goes To the store at 8:00 She walk up on St. Andrews She waits And gets her dinner there She pulls her dinner From her pocket Jane saysShe's never been in love No, she don't know what it is Only knows if someone wants her I want them if they want me I only know they want me She gets mad And she starts to cry She takes a swing man She cant hit! She don't mean no harm She just dont know What else to do about it

Jane says Jane says

Competitive Spirit

My Aunt Linda has always said that the Young family siblings were competitive. Though we have all denied it, it may be true (grand epiphany).

My last Scrabble game was 273 to 155 (ummmm, I won)

My last Brick Breaker 9490 to 8820 (uh huh I was the winner)

Brick Breaker is the competitive game of choice. Because this is one where the competition can be done long distance.

What follows is a dilemma

Blackberry Messenger (yeah welcome Alice)
Alice: Ok there is something wrong with my brickbreaker the scoring says that hitting the brick with the ball should be 10 points but it only gives me 5 I think that's why I'm on a higher level with a low score? Does tours give you 5 or 10?

Jane: Where do u look?

Alice: It tells you in the game under help then brick breaker scoring then it should say what the different scoring is. Then when you actually play look on the top left and see what score it records when you hit one brick with just your ball. If yours is right it should give you 10 points

Dilemma: I am getting 10 points. So, did I really win?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

At least its not Turkey

Jessica: Mom, I finally know what this is made of and I dont want to eat it
Jane: What is it made of honey
Jessica: Cow
Jane: But you like string cheese
Jessica: I know but I dont like cow
Jane: Cottage Cheese, cheese, yogurt, hamburgers are also cow
Jessica: The cottage cheese you packed in the lunch for me the other day was gross even after I put it in the fridge
Jane: But you like string cheese
Jessica: Not any more

Just wait until she finds out about Turkey dinner

Monday, November 12, 2007

In the beginning

"If you have a snake just kill it, dont create a snake killing committee" Ross Perot

Dad Says: Talk Ter Me

In Honor of Veterans Day I am giving my dad the guest blog spot (though he doesn't know it yet, I took one of my favorites from his book "Talk Ter Me" )

Two Thousandths of a Second too Fast

We put the race car on the trailer on sunny day in 1980 and drove to the finals in Bakersfield, CA. Of all the cars at NHRA's Bonneville Race Track, I had qualified sixth in our car.

We were running brackets which meant that you got to dial in what you thought you would run. Your opponent does the same. If you dialed in a second slower than your opponent, you get to leave from the light one second early. The person who gets to the finish line first is the winner, unless you have gone too fast.

Tami was eleven and like the normal eleven year old she knew quite a bit. Tami knew just what I should dial in and told me. I didn't listen.

As it turned out, I lost, by two thousandths of a second. I had gone too fast. Tami had been right.
I has to put the car on the trailer after just one race. Tami was crying.

And thus we learn that there are times we should listen to our children


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pass the Cheer

Starbucks has changed their cups. Instead of the "Way I See It" it is now "Pass the Cheer". The cup I got today talked about a Starbucks in Riverside, CA where a customer paid for the drinks in the car behind them. This act created a ripple affect in which the next 7 cars paid for the drinks of the car behind them, thus "Pass the Cheer".

I am passing the cheer now. Here are my favorite posts from the each member of the HCBC:

Queen B
Skinner Family News
Happy Bunny
Thoughts by Teri
Rachel Made Me Do This
Random Thoughts By Ann

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

2 weeks ago Melody told me about her school project that was due this week. The project was to create a model of land formations and types of water sources. Fast forward Thursday at 730 pm. "Remember mom the project is due tomorrow." This is reason 879 that I love being a mother.

So, salt dough gets made (thanks grandma!!) and we use a discarded Barbie box for a background. In less than an hour she had the best art project in the class.

Procrastination has its advantages. (oh no did I teach the fifth grader that???)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Long distance prayers

The Ultimate Friend had back surgery today. Please send your thoughts and keep her in your prayers.

I love you Amy!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Stars. New Stories. New Worlds To Explore

For a period of my life I was a Trekkie. Not the fawn over James Tiberas Kirk kind, but the I worship Jean Luc Picard kind.
My bird was named Data and if I would have had a son in that time frame my son would have been named Riker. I read the leadership lessons book from Captain Picard and viewed Dr. Beverly Crusher as my female mentor. In 1993 the weekends were spent watching the several recorded episodes. Still to this day I get shivers running up and down my spine when I hear the music with Captain Picard's voice to follow in the opening monologue:

Space... The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. It's continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Fast forward 2007, 13 years after the last episode of Star Trek the New Generation aired. I randomly put a StarFleet Academy quote on the side of my blog for my father's entertainment. The discovery occurs that my bff (who if 24 had a name for followers, would be the president of that club) has no idea about this Trekkie history.

Oh my, secret past uncovered. Memories of all of the life lessons learned. Confession, I still think Picard is hot, I still can't stand Deanna Troi's hair, given the opportunity I would hire Data in a heartbeat and would dress up as Dr Crusher for Halloween.

Today Marks the Discovery of X-ray

Happy Rad Tech Week!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hey Mr Postman

I remember a video in junior high about an old lady that used to wait for the postman everyday for her mail to come. The day she died she received a long awaited letter from her granddaughter.

In the day of email (450 a day), I still make the trip to the mailbox everyday. When I gather the the unfruitful mail I think of the poor lady who waited and waited. Here is what I received:

Yesterday's Mail
Time Magazine (to me)
Clipper Coupons (to "our neighbors at..")
Important tax statement (to "friend of disabled veterans")
Orange Patch Too Catalog (to "resident")
Cox flyer (to "Chester Manning")

Today's Mail
USAA Solitication (to me)
Huggies Coupons (to "Tracy Manning")
Sears Portrait coupon (to "Mindy Pickett")

Not that the 450 emails bring much value or affirmation. That is what the blog and blog friends are for! Thank you for the attention at "mail" you send to me everyday :)

More pearl woes

The thing I miss most about my pearl are the bathroom pics. While I have several bathroom collections (décor, locks, signs, ouch seats, paper towel holders) the mirror collection is my favorite. They are pics of oneself in the mirror to show your outfit or hairstyle for the day to a friend in another location. I have a collection that spans many cities and many venues. Upon receipt your friend can compliment you (or share an experience) from hundreds of miles away. I miss this affirmation and I am counting down the days to my new pearl.