Saturday, January 30, 2010

100 calorie snacks

For those of you with self control over food please disregard. However for those of you that live in the same world that I do, you will understand.

Some inventions I love. In this category is alarm clocks that project the time on the ceiling, enegy saving light bulbs, tide pens. What I clearly do not love is small prepackaged carrots, dibs, and hundred calorie snack packs. I mean really who tastes 100 calories of melt in your mouth chocolate draping beautifully over a crispy pretzel and then just stos at the first minature package. 400 calories later. That's about right

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Odd Placement

If you at the Bob's Big Boy in Pasadena, please note that the saop is to the left of the sink
If y

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Major Milestones

This is my 1000 post. In honor of this major milestone I am documenting and ending another era. This milestone even greater: the retirement of the Pearl.

The Pearl has been in my possession and hasn't left my side since December 2006 (after the great era of the Treo). My Pearl's twin sister has been in Kim's possession and between the two they have been places that others could only dream of (this outside of its normal storing spot).

And sadly BBM is gone (I think Andrea paved the way for this one). So for prosperity here is the last conversation ever had on the BBM (and surprisedly it didnt delete itself due to the new security policy-must have wanted to be saved):

Laura, Kim

Laura: Damn I cant get the game on am radio how are the Vikings doing?
Kim: Favre being sacked hard several times, tied but Saints have the ball right now
Laura: Time to retire??
Kim: Poor Favre he has had the best year of career and all the haters can do is talk about is age
Laura: Kurt Warner the same way
Kim: How old is he?
Laura: Same
Laura: Doing awesome at 40
Laura: His stats were incredible, then when they hurt his ribs in game, everyone turned to asking him if he was going to retire
Kim: Didn't realize he was that old. Lol, talking football
Laura: Lmao
Kim: Favre Is doing great, people are irritated he changed his mind from retiring, if he's still playing well it shouldn't matter, green bay pushed him out to make room for Rogers. Enjoy that green
Kim: I think brett favre looks a little like jack Bauer
Laura: Ro!
Laura: There isn't any players that turn me on
Laura: There is one ref though that I love
Kim: Crap, we just lost the ball
Laura: Ed Hockile
Kim: I am not familiar with the reffs
Laura: I can tell you all about the refs
Laura: Did you know that 200 people try to be a ref each year? Only 2-3 get hired
Laura: Am radio working!:D
Laura: Static but game on
Laura: 97 miles from phx
Laura: If she is born in next 24 hours I'm still pushing for maren
Kim: Ask ash why they moved the pro bowl to Florida
Laura: Usually in Hawaii. He doesn't know. Also usually after super bowl, not sure why the change
Laura: I know not a fountain of knwoledge on this one
Kim: I must say, I am surprised.....
Laura: Too busy picking out my new phone
Kim: Ro
Kim: We are going to the curve huh? What's better about curve to tour? Camera?
Laura: Camera quicker
Laura: More radiation emitions though
Laura: I will investigate the camera use before we do anything
Kim: I would go to droid if James is ok with switch
Kim: I still don't have new BBM because of my memory problems
Laura: I would consider second generation droid.
Laura: Geez
Kim: Unbelievable, another fumble
Laura: Who has possession?
Kim: Saints now
Laura: 21 28?
Kim: Yes
Laura: Lost the am station
Kim: Tied again
Laura: :D
Laura: Saints got toss?
Kim: I don't know, disgusted and eating
Laura: Overtime. Saints got ball
Laura: 822
Kim: Crap, its over
Laura: My condolences
Kim: Lol
Kim: Of course he had to throw an interception towards the end, that's all the favre haters will say. Ugh
Laura: Poor guy, that really sucks
Laura: Home and showered:D
Kim: Nice! Will be good having a relaxing day without the drive tomorrow
Kim: 822
Kim: Reason #822 why I love you, your RO when you saw Ta Vu. Ro ro ro goodnight
Laura: Ily
Kim: 722 Happy Birthday!!!!!
File IMG00294.jpg has been sent to Kim.
Kim: Love it! Perfect location!
Kim: Headline on news "will the roads to big bear. Ever reopen"
Kim: Ro, they are now in "a state of emergency"
Laura: Lmao
Kim: 1222
Laura: Walking into Verizon to experiment with droid and curve. Stay tuned
Kim: Oh boy!
Kim: My future is in your hands
Kim: IMG00444.jpg ( 11.30KB )
Kim: Oh boy I am so excited!
Kim: I am kind of hoping for droid
Laura: I am so sick to my stomach
Laura: Going back and forth between the two
Laura: Change:s
Kim: :s
Laura: Leaning towards droid
Kim: I saw this bank of America app last night for droid that would be awesome for managing my banking
Kim: David was showing me the SMS threading on his droid last night and it looked almost super cool. I don't know what To do, i'll let you lead
Kim: I hate change
Laura: This is the last bbm I will send you. Droid on its way in ILY22
Kim: I’m freaking out
And last night while I was trying to figure it out every email that came across shouted out DROID.

When you Care Enough to send the very best

Amy and Weisfeld Jewelers sent me Hallmark

Aunt Emily, Queen B, Southwest, sent me non-Hallmark
Love getting Snail Mail regardless, thank you all :)

The humor behind the voice

Jeff Ronner is the voice. The cool guy who has recorded mine, Kim's and Tami's voicemail.

Last week in error I phoned him during the All Hands Meeting when I was attempting to send him a text (he was asking a question and I was trying to give him kudos on that great voice)

My text "Called in error. Sorry. Love that voice!"

His response:

"That's OK. With a phone, the dialing possibilities are endless! "

Love this guy!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Let me in!

How happy am I that I have a new partner to pose in fountains with ????

It's Our Day

Happy Birthday to you (and me), Happy Birthday to you (and me), Happy Birthday dear MJM (and me). Happy Birthday to you (and me).

I love you!!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Birthday Trip to Big Bear

Tarzan has wanted to take me to Big Bear Lake for quite a while. After significant research he decided to surprise me for my birthday (Average yearly temperature in January is 47 degrees).

Mother Nature had other plans. Despite our resolve to attempt Highway 330 on Friday and Saturday, it just kept snowing (yes they have not received this much snow in 34 years). Finally Saturday afternoon the local police department made the decision that only residents could get through.

Change of plans. We decided to the Southern California Harley Tour and pick up all the patches from the stores (you can all insert laughter here). After a bad experience at Quaid (out of patches, out of pins, out of stickers) the plans were changed again.
Change of Plans take 2: LA's Fashion District.
Somehow this is the only picture I took. I think I was completely overwhelmed with the feeling that I had crossed over the border wearing clothing meant for a snow cabin.
Adapting is a great thing. Got to go to bed early. Saved a ton of calories (had planned to make S'Mores at the cabin), get to see Kim today and will be back in Phoenix for my birthday.
Love you Mother Nature

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Movie Night

Dell IT Blue (oh yeah and racing cars)

Take aways from the 2 Day Leadership Retreat:
-If one fails, we all fail (buckle up Steve)
-Diversity in the workplace is good (and I love yellow)
-Look out 2010!

Personal takeaways:
-I am lucky to work with these cool guys
-Wearing someone elses helmet is like wearing someone elses underwear

Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

This has photo has been in draft status for a year

On Sydney's birthday I was scolded for my use of the butter.

I need to get to Pasadena to finish the blog. I know now how to appropriately utilize the butter

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The unnamed blog

This blog does not have a blog title. The problem is that it could be one of many. For example:

1. How do you get your news?
2. Another 15 minutes of fame
3. Sophia looks bored to tears
4. Hey thats my seat next to Tamara Larsen
5. Carpooling will be easy in 2011

And the rest of the story
So, big news in the City of Mesa. The School Board met last night to discuss/vote on several changes in the school the system. The most controversial was moving the 9th graders to the high school. I weighed back and forth rather I should go and support the cause and decided against it (didnt want to deal with the drama and didnt want to break the 3 day streak of starting a new habit).

My sister on the other hand; super mom who got her boyscout son Clark to do the pledge of allegiance at the meeting did go. She has this inane ability to get in the news. I lost count with her bouts of 15 minutes of fame - but we are probably in the twenty count (the girl who pulls the number on loto, the expert on chickens etc)

Today I get an email from dad, followed by repsonse from Ruth and Tami that the changes passed with a "check out the Mesa Tribune". Tarzan even gets a text from Tami to see the Mesa Tribune.

I/We check the news online. Oh good it passed the end.

Then tonight MJM says to me "did you see Aunt Tami in the paper"? What? No I looked online and didnt see it. Tarzan concurs.

When I come home I pull out the paper and sure enough - the best "I am involved in the community picture" ever! And the story was better than that online.

I may need to change how I view my news.

Dumb online picture of the chaotic board meeting

Cool newspaper close up of the Larsen's

The wallet card

I am a law abiding citizen. However I refuse to pay $25 to get the offical card.

Hey, won't Mark Warren do this for like a buck?