Saturday, July 22, 2017

Tarzan's 50th Birthday Party

When I was born into the Young family the gift given to me was unconditional love. My parents invested in loving us, while continuing to teach each one of us unique talents in this world.  My mom was my advocate and told me I could do anything.  My dad would look me in the eyes and tell me I was the cutest and the smartest.  They said I could do it, so I did.  

When Ash and I got married,  the biggest observation was that it was difficult for him to receive love. The kindest, gentlest man that gives of his whole self to people he loves and trusts. But had a barrier that made it difficult to see just how many people love him.  

This year for his 50th birthday, I early on planned for a year of milestones that would show him love in the purest form.  My goal was that he would get "catch up". to the legacy that is deep inside me to not only give but the blessings that come when you receive it.  

This is a special thank from me for being a part of this journey.  Last night after everyone left we cried together.  The tears celebrated this fragile life that we live.  It wasn't sadness that poured from our eyes, but that God allowed him to make it the 50th milestone.  Ash is basking in the glow of friendship, family and his heart/soul is receiving your love.  I am forever grateful for your taking the time to invest in our family and for loving my amazing husband.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The year it was short

My aunt Linda says "once you cut your hair short, it's always too long".  2 months, another inch off ๐Ÿ˜œ