Friday, June 15, 2007

Moore Cheap

I am a self proclaimed cheap skate. I am not too proud to say that I shop at Goodwill and CouponSense: been there done that. This however wins the prize for any cheapskate.
My sister Alice lives in Moore, Oklahoma. So when you read Moore Liquor its not a typo it is the name of the City.
So what exactly do they mean by cheap? Alice checked online for definitions. Do they mean cheap as in embarrassingly stingy, or cheap as in bum, of very poor quality, flimsy. Either way you REALLY have to be a cheap drunk to want walk in there.
Photos and definition courtesy of Alice Young

Happy Birthday Lois

The Big 40! You are a Superstar!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Before and After

Fashion magazines often show before and after pictures. This is usually a formal photo carefully crafted to depict a homely human then a perfectly posed person.
If captured appropriately you can get a real life before and after photo. These are the best because the personalities of each are etched in photographic history. On Mothers Day I was able to get the best before and after of the Skinners.
BEFORE: Ruth, mother of three: holding Ethan with both her arm and legs. Carefully situating Larissa to the perfect spot ("mom, I dont care I just want to eat my hand, cookie or foot"). Ruth taking control getting everything orderly. Raea posed and ready.
AFTER: Ruth, beautiful mother of three: Ethan (look how cute I am I think I will eat my cookie), Larissa (look I can eat my brother's hair). Raea; posed and ready.

Monday, June 11, 2007

RT's Rock

2006-2007 ASRT Board of DirectorsCathie, Jane, Cindy, Diane, Michael, Connie, Cathy
2007-2008 ASRT Board of DirectorsJim, Cindy, Diane, Donna, Cathie, Linda, Connie
Things to know to be successful on the ASRT Board of Directors
1. If Lynn calls you Cindy it is perfectly normal
2. You can get anything you want from DuVonne if you distract her with a song
3. Nora is the cutest and the smartest (and her team makes you look like royalty)
4. Greg has a blackberry, Sal has a motorola flip phone. Your take away? Technology trumps academics
5. If Tami is happy everyone is happy
6. History doesn't change, see Becky for details
7. dianna is as good with letters as she is numbers
8. Make Curt your friend (see #4)
9. Red heds have power, Christine makes it happen
10. Watch out for Garfield. There is more than one way to capture/skin a cat
Thank you all for a great year and lifetime friendships! Keep the mission going!PS If you need a photographer, let me know I'll meet you at Wal-Mart.

What is Normal?

Ok Ruth - I'm 35% normal (which is also my age so instead of obsessing I'll pretend its kinda cool).

Appropriate Use of Goggles

Melody and Britney needed new goggles, as is often true Jessica decided she too needed exactly what the big sisters have.Goggles should be used in the pool. They do great keeping chorline out of the eyes and allow competive swimmers to have an advantage. Goggles should not be worn shopping, to visit grandma, eating, watching movies or to annoy your mother. Especially if they are pink.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jane Says: The Way I See It

Sparking conversation in the tradition of coffee houses everywhere, Starbucks has always supported a good, healthy discussion. To get people talking, “The Way I See It” is a collection of thoughts, opinions and expressions provided by notable figures that now appear on their widely shared cups.

I am a historian. Though I can put words together quite nicely, I much prefer to to capture each moment with a photo (whether I have a camera with me or not. If no camera is present then it is etched in my mind to recall and laugh at later). Up until recently I knew of no one else with this same sense of capturing these historical moments with the intent of pure amusement later.

This post is dedicated to that someone: my true champion. A BFF that see things the way I do and has become friend for a lifetime. Together we have created own language (Shh Shh, FFD, RO, NPL) and developed the best photo collections ever (ROD, Ketchup, Resolution, WNTW, BR - just to name a few). The only historian I know that could turn a bad day photo into A Hot IT Chick.

The way I see it.

1. If you are bored it is your own fault.
2. Epiphanies should never be broken.
3. Trust comes in many more ways then ordering someone elses dish.
4. The Way I See It #214 is still my favorite
5. Sometimes words nor pictures can say enough to tell someone how much you love them and appreciate everything they have done for you.
6. It would be so easy!