Friday, April 29, 2011

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Bartoli's (My Dry Cleaner)

Yesterday I went to drop off my clothes at the Dry Cleaner

Owner: Hi Laura
Me: Hello
Owner: (pulling up name on computer): Its Young right?

Me to Family: Is it wierd that the Dry Cleaner knows my name?
Tarzan: You mean Sandy?
REM (looking up from her phone) : Your new washer and dryer talks?

PS If you havent heard William and Kate (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got married this am)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

When the baby grows up........

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Is that a swim cap? What is on her head? CEM laughed at the chicken legs

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Yes I am ill

Yes I am working from home under doctors orders

I have to admit it may be Royal event fever

-I have tivo'ed 6 shows about William and Kate, 1 about Prince Harry, 2 about Dianas death and one about the Middletons (third cousins she has never met)
-I watched the newlywed game today where all the couples were named William and Kate
-I have my dvr prepared to record 6 hours of the wedding events so that my sleep is not interrupted
-My mom reminded me that my Great Grandfather was Charles F Middleton and I too may be related and not realize it
-I watched a 90 minute show speculating what her dress will look like
-I am considering changing my name from Jane to Kate for the next 5 days to increase blog traffic since she has the honor of being the most googled person right now

Reminder - PLEASE VOTE

Mother Daughter look like contest ends tomorrow at 9 am.

Please support Miranda and I!!!!

One more thing i miss about being in the hospitals

The constant celebration of "recognition weeks "

(PS Admin Asst Week is this week- super bowling thanks to Lenore and Diane! )
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

You can play if you are not Kim or Tarzan

Village Mart has this odd candy display. While waiting for food there I often view and determine which I would buy if I were eating sweets.

Tarzan guessed the top three. Kim did not.

Ruth I challenge you. What would I choose?

The cutest kid i haven't met

Max D Young, finally smiling!
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Happy Birthday Ruth

Love you more!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Common Questions

REM and her friends want to go bowling. Here is the list of Common Questions from the website:
Our customers often ask us about AMF bowling. Here are some of their most common questions. If your question is not answered here, then please contact us for more information. Thank you for asking about AMF.

How old is the sport of bowling?

People have enjoyed bowling for thousands of years. Archeologists discovered what they believe are bowling pins – roughly resembling the pins found in modern ten-pin bowling – in a child's tomb in ancient Egypt. Modern-style bowling originated in Europe during the Middle Ages, when bowlers began playing a variety of similar games using nine pins.

When did ten-pin bowling become popular?

Bowling enthusiasts introduced their sport to the US in the mid-1800s. The sport became so popular with gamblers that Connecticut outlawed nine-pin bowling in 1841, but bowlers quickly found a way to sustain their sport by adding another pin.

When did bowling become a sport for the whole family?

The popularity of ten-pin bowling really took off after World War II with the invention of the automated pinspotter by AMF. This technological milestone marked the beginning of an enormous boom in professional bowling competition, league bowling, and bowling as an entertainment for families and friends.

How long has AMF been involved in bowling?

AMF was the first to appreciate the ingenuity of inventor Fred Schmidt, who developed the first automated pinspotter in his garage in Pearl River, NY in 1936. Two years later, AMF hired Schmidt to perfect his invention. At the end of WW II, AMF also hired Samuel Auchincloss and his team of engineers to get the pinspotter machinery ready for a national introduction.

AMF’s commercial pinspotter debuted in 1946 at the American Bowling Congress National Championship in Buffalo, NY.

When did AMF bowling centers become so high-tech?

By 1952, the AMF automated pinspotter was in full production. The AMF pinspotter sparked a revolution in the bowling industry, and our company has continued to improve bowling technology ever since. AMF bowling centers use sophisticated technology for scoring, lane reservations and record-keeping. This technology, combined with our top-notch customer service, enhances the experience for all bowlers.

How popular is bowling?

Bowling is the Number 1 participatory sport in the US, according to The National Sporting Goods Association and the Bowling & Billiards Institute of America, which report that almost 54 million Americans six or older bowl at least once a year.

What makes bowling so popular?

Bowling is probably the most accessible sport available. People between the ages of 3 and 103 can bowl. Bowling is simple enough for occasional players. It also is challenging enough for serious professionals, and competitors who appreciate how hard it is to compete at the highest level.

Has bowling always been AMF’s primary business?

AMF was founded in New York in 1900 as American Machine and Foundry, a manufacturer of industrial equipment for the tobacco industry. Our company has remained a strong force in manufacturing throughout its history. AMF moved into bowling dramatically after World War II, when AMF automated bowling equipment and bowling centers became profitable business ventures.

But doesn’t AMF manufacture other kinds of leisure equipment?

Until the mid 1980s, AMF's broad range of leisure equipment included tennis racquets and snow skis, lawn and garden equipment, wheel goods, Ben Hogan golf clubs, Voit inflatable balls, exercise equipment, Hatteras yachts and scuba gear. At one time, AMF owned Harley Davidson motorcycles.

When did AMF decide to narrow its focus?

In 1985, a Minnesota-based company called Minstar, Inc. bought AMF Inc. and began to sell its various business divisions. A group of investors in Richmond, Virginia recognized that bowling was one of AMF’s strengths, and they purchased the bowling division that same year. The new owners began revitalizing the business with a strong focus on expanding the appeal of bowling to league and social bowlers.

Who currently owns AMF?

In February 2004, an affiliate of the Chicago‑based private investment firm Code Hennessy and Simmons, LLC, purchased AMF with the same commitment to its future in the bowling industry. AMF is still headquartered in Richmond, Va.

What is AMF like today?

Today AMF has more than 10,000 employees engaged in the operation of customer-focused bowling centers. AMF is the world’s largest owner and operator of bowling centers. QubicaAMF is also a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of bowling equipment worldwide.

Does AMF still make bowling center equipment?

A new joint venture of our company, QubicaAMF, manufactures a full line of bowling equipment such as automatic pinspotters, scoring equipment, bowling center furniture, bowling pins, High Performance Lanes (HPL), ball returns, and spare parts.

Who runs AMF?

Fred Hipp is the president and chief executive officer of AMF Bowling Worldwide, Inc. Mr. Hipp joined AMF in February 2004 with 30 years in the hospitality industry, most recently as president and CEO of California Pizza Kitchen. Mr. Hipp is a native of Buffalo, N.Y., ironically the very same city where AMF debuted its automated pinspotter in 1946.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Good Friday

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While searching the internet today here are some other recent posts:

-The largest animal that ever lived is also currently living -- the blue whale

-The world consumes 2 quarts of oil per person per day

-If Earth was the size of a basketball, the moon would be the size of a tennis call and they'd be 25 feet apart

-Of all the people in history that have reached 65 years of age, half of them are living right now

-If Earth's life was compressed into one year, then humans would only have been around for only 2 seconds

-The Middle East's population almost tripled over the past 30 years

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In case you didn't know ......

And in case its not obvious enough: Kobalt is a gay bar.

I have not met the bartender
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long lost Raider?

What would Rivers think????
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Tarzan Quote of the day

After my complaints about having to walk too far in my cool shoes (but they are Guess and were such a great deal at Goodwill)

"Let me get this straight: shoes are not for walking if they are cute and only $8"
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Here is the link to make it a ton easier.

You can find the entry here:

Thank you everyone! Remember you can vote up to three times a day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sedona's version of a phone booth

Song in my head:

Colour me your colour, baby
Colour me your car
Colour me your colour, darling
I know who you are
Come up off your colour chart
I know where you're coming from
Call me on the line
Call me call me any anytime
Call me my love you can call me any day or night
Call me
Cover me with kisses, baby
Cover me with love
Roll me in designer sheets
I'll never get enough
Emotions come I don't know why
Cover up love's alibi
Call me on the line
Call me call me any anytime
Call me oh my love

VOTE FOR US (please )

KPHO Mother Daughter Look-A- Like Contest

Miranda was not only my 24th birtrhday present, but the best present I ever received!. We both love it when friends, family and strangers tell us that not only do we share a birthday but we share the same mannerism and looks. The best present to her would be that above our Zodiac sign (Aquarian), Chinese sign (Rat) and vision; that the public recognizes how lucky we are to have each other. A true mother daughter look like :)

Vote for us!!!!

You have to create an account and can vote up to 3 times a day
(kind of a hassle but aren’t we worth it)

• Register now - Register as a new user
• Confirmation will be sent to your email – confirm
• Login
• Vote
• Search for “Laura”
• Chose picture (our favorite is the second one) and press selection button
• Enter word verification
• Click on Save Vote
• Vote 2 more time
• Come back daily


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Five Guys Porn and other newspaper clippings

As seen on the walls at the Scottsdale Location. Am I really the only one who noticed a bare breast promoting the burgers???

My mood

I am calm, cool, collected and in love.

I am also very hungry
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chucky Larms

Me: Hey Daria what did you have for breakfast

Daria: Chucky Larms

Me: What?

Daria: Chucky Larms

Joe: That's what her grandpa always calls it

Me: I'm lost still

Emma: Lucky Charms

Joe: yeah Emma and Daria got in a fight this morning over the name

Daria: it's Chucky Larms

Me: Did you have milk with it?

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Thanks, I think

If you ask Grant (the expert of teenagers) he will tell you that the most important thing to make children welcome in your home is to have a full and welcoming pantry. I pride myself in having one of the best pantries in town.

The pantry is stocked by Costco. This means that whatever is new at Costco for the month winds up in my home. March's special was the above the chocolate. I have been actively dieting (eating in moderation) that the sweet items in the pantry have not been touched by the mom of the house.

It wasnt until last night when I decided to splurge that I realized REM ate all the peanut butter ones and JM ate all the caramel ones. All that was left was raspberry and mint neither of them milk choocolate. Darn. I guess it wasnt meant to be. I guess that the pantry is cool just not the dark chocolate ones.

So thanks to the teenagers, I think :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MJM highlighted

There is 1000 things I love about this picture.

Just a slight profile of one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Not only does she wear in heart on her sleeve but boldly around her neck. Showing the love of her grandma and her first love.

And her individual personality. Hair as an accessory and the the bright light of her teenage spirit.

Love this young woman
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Because I care......

Or for Queen B and Doug's entertainment because it was $5 at Wal-Mart
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Black is the new pink

And geez my hands look like my moms (if my mother were to ever where Gothic black nails with the ring finger nail too long)
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

When the Mom feels better

After a week of being exhausted and the worst sore throat ever, the weekend came and poor children (and husband) had to endure the need to clean and install.

Two Goodwill trips (and REM decided to get rid of the 6th grade fishing pole)

Closet and Laundry room organization

Fan installation and pictures hung

Rooms Cleaned and REM bed made :)