Monday, December 31, 2012

I tip toe on the grass to see the effect

I often described my children's behavior by how each would handle a sign that says "don't walk on the grass"

They never fail me.

Happy New Years!!!

Yes this is Epcot

100,000 + visitors
No fast passes left at noon
4 hour wait for rides
30 degrees hotter than yesterday
The End

Insert Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris at the pool here

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Only Boring people get Bored

Awkward Shoe Moments at the Magic Kingdom

When you are waiting in line for a ride and you say to your daughter "Do you realize you are wearing two different shoes?" and she informs you that she and her BFF thought it was a cool idea to exchange one shoe (and they have been doing this for weeks)

Additional awkward moment when you realize you are the least fashionable in shoes in your party.

Hollywood Studios

Temperatures dropped 30 degrees from the day before and was by far the coldest of all of our days in Florida (burr 43).  Two of the four girls made the error of leaving the hotel with wet hair which resulted in 4 jackets not warming CEM up).  That said, this was my favorite of all of our Disney adventures.  Lots of great shows, cool rides (Movies was super cool), everyone was silly all day :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Magic Kingdom

 Magic Kingdom versus Disney Land

1. Space Mountain was better
2. It's a Small World terrible
3. Remodeled Fantasyland was amazing
4. Still Swiss Family Robinson - really?
5. Better crowd control than Disneyland (and lots of older, handicap type employees)
6. Much more open and spacious
7. Song in our head "Its a great big beautiful tomorrow"
8. Same place different zip code