Monday, March 31, 2014

From Amy

"Watching 27 Dresses with MNJ. She says Katherine Heigl looks like a mash up of me and you and it is weirding her out."

The best!!! Lol 

Addendum:  I originally posted this at 1:21 pm.  When I looked at email Amy sent her version of mash up photo at 1:17 pm.  Great minds....

Happy Birthday Dallin

Love and miss you

Sonoma get away

We took a much needed break in Kenwood, CA at the cutest family cabin we won at the Elememtary school carnival last year. In wine country for 2.5 days and had no 🍷.  (But I did get new pair of jeans).

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Birthday REM!

Trying to find one picture that represents this beautiful girl was the most perplexing task.  How do you find one picture that incorporates a beautiful, sexy, sassy, silly, fun, brilliant, gorgeous girl.

This series captured it the best.

Love you more than Bahama Bucks!

Monday, March 24, 2014

The worst part

The worst part of the knee injury is officially no longer, what shoes am I going to wear.  It is now damn I want to take those stairs 
Not the elevator 
The purchase of cole haan nike air and these crocs (yes crocs) has removed the first dilemma
Review of crocs:

1. I can walk
2. Stayed comfortable all day
3. Like Sara Id prefer heels.  However if I have to wear flats these are a great option
4. My feet are sweaty 

REM loss, my gain

CEM made lunch for her self and sisters last night.  REM forgot hers so I was the lucky recipient 

Best turkey wrap made with a ton of veggies. Awesome lunch 😎

Sunday, March 23, 2014


The countdown has been to the Lorde concert, now the countdown begins for the 17th birthday next week

(I felt terrible leaving them in the cold to stand in line since all venue is general admission.  They both said areas well worth it)

And couldn't love these two more!!  Had a great time hanging with the cool chicks 

Date night in Denver

While REM and Ana were enjoying the frozen tundra and music we got a Demver date 
Got spoiled at Three Tibiatian Sisters
Found a cool wine tasting bar, Vinue
Super cute waitress who said she only takes pics if there is a funny one to follow 
And then a late night snack with the girls