Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dennys in Chula Vista

Shocked by the frozen coffee (omg yummy). 

And enjoyed the nachos 
(What arrived)
(What I actually ate)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Are you a cardinal fan?

The Thomas' were the first to experience being "cardinalized" on Instagram 

No one is safe from my new entertainment  (and FYI,  I have sat alone on the couch laughing at my creations - while my children and spouse politely nod that it might be funny)


Some of my favorite things

Chai Tea
Pecan Pie
Great Mate to share it all with

Saturday, September 6, 2014

1.8 million acres of forest land

There are certain places that evoke immediate memories; some grand, others emotional and even further some that are just peaceful.  

Sedona is that place for Tarzan and I.  It has always been the place that can relax both of us quicker than any other place.

"Sedona exists at an impossible intersection of soul-nourishing wilderness and pampered luxury—where soaring red rock monoliths cradle an array of resorts, spas, art galleries and boutique wineries." (Sedona Chamber of commerce)

I fondly recall staying at the radison cabin after a trip to the Grand Canyon with Tarzans parents and the kids, another trip hiking, one with friends and the pink jeep tour, I have a perfect memory of thanksgiving there in 2009 (documented with my favorite picture taken by the creek), this same trip found the ideal wedding rings followed by at least 2 birthday spa trips.

After a short week that felt long (that's REMs quote) we decided to take a 22 hour trip there. A minute there it felt like hours.  
And the hours felt like days.
Officially recharged with a while new set of memories.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Seven days of sunglasses

Prior to my eye surgery I had several pairs of (yawn) prescription sunglasses.

3 years ago I invested in 2 cute pairs for when I wore contacts but they got little attention.

As some as the surgery was scheduled Tarzan bought me my first pair of Oakleys  (with selection help from CEM and virtual shopping with the champ). I jokingly told him the one thing I was most excited about was being able to wear cute sunglasses.  He has officially taken great care of that fascination (each car has at least one pair and each entrance to the house has a pair).

Loving the new addition to the wardrobe;

Happy Birthday Lilia

You are an amazing kid!! Love you!!

Top 5 pics sent to me week ending 9/5

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Best job in America

Today is my 2 year Anniversary at Dignity Health.  I maintain that this indeed is the best job in America.  I believe that the role is truly a calling and one that I am unsure any high school career counsel could have guided me too.  Getting here was a mixture of the brain/brawn/beauty, faith, the right mentors and lots of hard work!)
(circa 2012)

and for bonus entertainment the professional pic taken at Maricopa when I was promoted
(yeah I "love" the bangs too, but miss that strawberry blonde)
(circa 2005)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sidekick status

I love this chick 

Special thank you got taking care of an ornery mom yesterday (I do realize the humor in this since you are the who brought the virus into the house)

You better be careful you may get assigned to take care of me when I'm old, feable and cantankerous. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

In the words of REM "awk"

If you are pregnant, breaking up (and who uses the word dumped any more) or shattered:

Apparently its news