Monday, July 30, 2012

Verizon in NYC

1. Verizon sucks 
2. Verizon sucks equals battery life sucks
3. Verizon sucks equals blogger hosed and sucks
4. Verizon sucks equals Tarzan phone hosed up and sucks
5. Verizon sucks equals 3G to 4G sucks and all apps hosed up and sucks

Sunday, July 29, 2012

NYC Day Three

 Meeting a craving

Lock is of no use
9/11 Cop: Testing on the job

 Weird, odd pose/smile

 9/11 North Memorial pool
 Without even trying
 Hi Dad
 Off Broadway - very impressive

 When with the locals, you ride the subway
 Subway phone

Fav pic of the day

The Boss

If I really were I would have told the boys that it should have been embroidered on the left side.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

NYC Day Two

 Unplanned matching attire
 Hersheys on Time Square
 Before the Rain
 During the Rain
 Funniest pic of the Day
 Riding Miss New York
 View of Manhattan
 Lady Liberty in View
 Favorite pic of random strangers
 125 years!
 Second funniest pic of the day
 Jane Tourist
 OMG socks
 I want this job
 Oh yeah we are tourists

 Barbie goes everywhere!
 First matching tree of the day!
 Matching umbrellas!
 Ellis Island

 Defying Gravity 
 Grown up pic of Emerald City

Happy Birthday Larissa

I love you more than last year!

Friday, July 27, 2012

NYC Day One

 Early Arrival in REM outfit
 Breakfast at Carnegie Deli
 Funniest Pic of the Day
 For CEM
 As seen in Macys
 Official Ralph Lauren Olympics Hat ($55=no purchase)
 First Empire State visit
 Second favorite pic of the Day
 Coney Dog for lunch
 Second REM outfit of the day
 Thinking of Supermom
 Second funniest pic of the day (look at ABBA look a like in the background helping me smile)
 People Watching
 Romantic dinner at local Italian joint
 Romantic coffee full of love
  Batman (again)
The day is done

And my feet hurt!!!