Saturday, March 6, 2010


Can you just picture the conversation in the City Managers office after the City Council decided to have amusement parks in Greenville?
  • So who is going to manage the rides?
  • I dont know have Freddie do it.
  • Ah he's to busy with the county fair
  • Ok lets have George do it
  • Ah no he's retiring soon and he needs to focus on the waste project we gave him
  • Ok give it to Duane, the elevators can't take that much time to manage


Queen B said...

RO at your imaginary conversation!

I can see how there would be synergies between managing elevators and amusement rides... ;)

Andrea said...

Wait... elevators aren't amusement rides? Because every morning I get on the one to go to my office I have the thought "Welcome to the Fun House!"

LoSpace said...

Yeah, let's get Duane to explain the confusing buttons in the elevator at B&N San Tan!!!

Kim Thomas said...

RO! Best week of blogging to date on Jane Says

KFuj said...

I'm with Lois on this one.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Mom

Ruthie Girl said...

it could be worse...port a potty