Friday, March 19, 2010

Nectar of the Gods (Again)

I swore off soda in May 2008 when it was clear that I was becoming addicted to Coke Zero. I stopped cold turkey and slowly introduced the Nectar of the Gods back in in February of 2009 with the personal agreement that it could only be in moderation and I wouldn't purchase for use in my own home.
Everytime I go to Kim's she has a case there "Just for you Laura". Now I have always thought she was full of it and just being a kind friend. Surely she and David drink the best soda on the planet.
Last time I was there it tasted a little funny but I just figured it had been a while since I had one (maybe the memory is better than the actual drink), my taste buds were off (toothpaste makes it taste bad) or (no or, I actually didnt put this much thought into - just added the or for the dramatic effect).
Fast forward a month. I go the the World of Coke and am reminded how much I love this drink. Coke Zero has a touch of heaven in it.
Back to Kim's house. It tastes terrible. Um yeah, I guess she does just keep them on hand for me.


Amy said...

Stick to water

Ann said...

10/27/08?? Yikes!

We drink diet coke here, and water. When my mother was alive, we called diet coke 'the elixr of life' because it would totally revive my mother on a hot day. :)

Queen B said...


one of our profs goes through Zero like crazy. Last time we were in his class, we counted 13 in a span of 6.5 hours.

I'm a mid-day Diet DP drinker. I didn't have one yesterday, and I was ready for bed by 7:30...

Kim Thomas said...

Sigh, I'll buy a new case.

Diane said...

I am surprised you were going to drink a regular Coke the other day.