Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Times

Last week when Dan was at my house I ended my sentence on the way to go pick up my daughter, "Yeah good times"
Dan was so annoyed. What does good times mean anyways and who started that? After a brief moment of thought I said, "I think it came from Joe". Dan says, "Oh no it is all over facebook, its not just a Young thing. People everywhere are dumb".
So I get to the Skinners. "Come on CEM lets go". Grant "Good times"
Thats what I was thinking

Good Times


Amy said...

Hmmm very deep. Where did it all begin?

Diane said...

According to urban dictionary:
1. Something you say when someone enthusiastically tells you about something that you think is retarded. It generally gives them the impression that you care, but provides an opportunity to get into a new conversation without being rude.

2. A TV show that aired way back in the 70's, which illustrated the life of a black family living in the projects.

The TV show became an instant classic thanks to the lively yet scrawny character J.J. Evans aka "Kid Dyn-o-mite"

Queen B said...

good times :) I'm a fan!

LOVE that Diane has consulted urban dictionary :)

Kim Thomas said...

Good Times

LoSpace said...

My first radar on "good times" as a sarcastic reprisal was the SNL mockery of NPR interviews where Molly Shannon and Anna Gasteyer nodded and used it as a filler when the interview was getting really absurd...(yes you can always count on LoSpace for TMI...)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Joe and "Good Times" Think of another phrase he always used to say - I got him a shirt for his Birthday with it on it. Mom