Monday, May 31, 2010

While I'm vacationing - Something you may not have known (Day 8)

I can sew.

Tami and I started a bib making business (it never really took off-but they were great gifts for baby showers for the 12 years that followed).

As a 4-H'er I made a shirt and dress for the county fair. When I was in x-ray school I actually made my own scrubs.

I make a quilt once a year to give away but outsource all mending these days.


Amy said...

I knew about the bibs and the quilts. Why am I the only one who took a sewing class in high school?

Diane said...

Cute picture! MJM? I knew this. Who received the quilt last year? I took a sewing class and cooking class in high school, still can't cook very well.

Queen B said...

I think I knew this stuff, but the picture is SO adorable!