Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Los Banos, CA

There is a town near Merced, CA called Los Banos (and damn that I didnt take a picutre of the sign). No really Los Banos. For those of you that dont live in a city that has a good portion of their signs in spanish (have you heard Arizona has immigration issues?) Los Banos translates to The Bathroom. While this in itself is funny, what was funnier to me was the experience going to the bathroom at the farmers market.

  • Yes those yellow lines lead you to the bathroom
  • No I did not knock
  • Yes this post is for you Chris
  • Yes I had to ask for directions
And PS Happy Cinco De Mayo


Queen B said...

they are big on signage

RO @ yellow lines

If you're in los banos, I think all the "restroom" signs should say "bano"

KFuj said...

Totally agree with Queen B

Andrea said...

Traveled through Los Banos on numerous occassions and even stopped and ate once or twice....It was always a topic of conversation..."So, where do you live?" "The Bathroom"....Really?!?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, no Cinco de Mayo celebration at our office this year. Mom

Fire Hunt said...

They most be big on

Diane said...

The yellow lines did not help if you had to ask.