Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things that have amused me this week

The inability to take a self portrait with the droid
(dang I was good at this with the blackberry)

8th grade homework

2nd grade homework

My "matching" shoes with Suzanne

My workspace (ok this deserves its own blog)

Diane's overcrowed waiting for instruction workspace

The 2nd grader hiding behind her mother posing in the cool new dress from Amy

- The pose (the comment while this picture was "My face says - I wonder if this is good?")


KFuj said...

Ice cream looks good to me :-)

LoSpace said...

Good wrap up. You are looking quite svelte, honey! See you in a few weeks!

Diane said...

Love the dress! What is the 2nd grade homework?

Amy said...

I am glad you pointed out CEM was behind you. I hadn't noticed at first glance.

Queen B said...

-your self portrait highlights some great bone structure :)
-8th grade homework is impressive!
-dress is hot (or at least the model is!)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great week. Mom