Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First and Last

Recently I found out that Kim has never tried energy drinks. As a connoisseur of all drinks highly caffeninated I decided to rectify the issue (thank you Southwest for the free drink coupons). I drank mine warm and Kim had hers cold. Let me take that back, I drank mine warm and then drank a little over 3/4 of Kim's cold one.
I also bought swedish fish (another pure sugar vise of mine). Not a positive response either :(
She did introduce me to Taco Bell Fresco Tacos. I will be eating those again.


Queen B said...

you had 1.75 monsters? I'm impressed

Those were so my drink of choice while living in CA

KFuj said...

Kim has never had Swedish fish before?

Anonymous said...

You must try the Tortadas at Taco Bell. The are really good. Mom

Amy said...

I have never had an energy drink. I avoid caffiene except for chocolate. :) Love Swedish fish! Way to be daring!

Diane said...

Is this the before picture of KT tasting the fish?