Tuesday, June 1, 2010

While I'm vacationing - Something you may not have known (Day 9)

Sports - Soccer

I begged and begged my mom to sign me up for soccer in 6th grade (what is soccer she says?). Instead she signed me up for softball which I was miserable at.

By the time Joe, Ruth and Alice came along my mom became the Utah Soccer Star. My younger siblings time was consumed with the sport and my dad coined the term "Soccer Saturday". My mom played, coached and became the commissioner.

I did not play. I played my first indoor soccer game after MJM was born as a way to lose weight.

At age 15 I became a certified referee and proudly held that as one of my first jobs (outside of babysitting). Mentored by Tami I still continue to ref. I am much better at this than playing (Ruth and Alice were the college soccer stars).

I have coached many teams. The Green Grinches (above) were by far my favorite - even though we lost every game :/


Queen B said...

wow! I had no idea that your mom had confused soccer with softball ;) at least you found your niche as Jane The One-Legged Ref!

Diane said...

I love this picture! I never played but think it would be fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh soccer, Oh life! Ain't it great! Mom