Friday, May 28, 2010

While I'm vacationing - Something you may not have known (Day 5)

Sports - Softball

While I often claim ignorance on most sports I did in fact play on a couple teams outside of dance. Never great at volleyball or basketball I did figure out how to do a great hit between the pitcher and first base. The first time this is hit I would make a homerun. After that I get out everytime.

PS The uniforms MJM and REM had in 2004 when I coached were very similiar to the yellow ones above.


Queen B said...

was the camera hiding? how come no one was looking at it?

my FAVE: the kid in the first picture picking his nose. priceless!

Diane said...

For the "Star" team are you in the back row, second from the left?

I was going to comment on the kid picking their nose also:)

LoSpace said...

I am devoid of athletic activity...I have no kinesthetic intelligence. This should not be confused with being physically fit. I have learned that they're not the same core competencies.

KFuj said...

I noticed the kid picking his nose too, lol.

Amy said...

I played softball too. I wonder if we ever played against each other?

Kim Thomas said...

Softball rocks!