Thursday, May 6, 2010

Great article from Amy

Would you use punctuation for sarcasm?
May 5th, 2010 @ 5:10am
By Paul Nelson
SALT LAKE CITY -- Some Utahns can understand the need for a symbol like the SarcMark.

Sometimes you sarcastically write an e-mail or update something on Facebook thinking that everyone will understand you're just joking around. Sure enough, someone doesn't get it.

"With e-mails, it's kind of hard to tell because it's all in writing," one woman said.

Would people use the SarcMark? Some say that depends.

"If I was the only one doing it, then I wouldn't use it because nobody would get it," one Salt Lake shopper said.

The mark looks like an upside down lowercase "E" or a backwards "6" with a dot in the center. It may take a while for the country at large to accept it as the universal sign of sarcasm, if it catches on at all.

The company is offering the mark for free on their website for now, but what will happen if the company starts charging?

"I wouldn't buy it, but if it was free I would definitely use it," a woman told KSL Newsradio.

Another man in Salt Lake City offered some advice to the makers of SarcMark: "If Facebook would buy it [and distribute it], everyone would use


KFuj said...

I would use it, if it was FREE!

Anonymous said...

I love it. I agree in a world of texting, emailing, blogs and e-mails it is very difficult to determine what some means vs what they are saying. I do know if I capitalize a message people think I am shouting (whatever) but I am all for the SarcMarc. I would be a big user of it. Mom

LoSpace said...

(SarcMark) will this symbol make it onto a standard qwerty keyboard?!?!

Andrea said...

I would DEFINITELY use it, as long as it is free.

Diane said...

New keyboards need to be made for everyone:)

Queen B said...

I would need it to be on my keyboard to use it... weird.