Monday, May 17, 2010

Mesa is a Small Town

In 1883, Mesa City was incorporated with a population of 300 people. We are now about 400,000 strong (we will only truly now when the census is complete).

Living in a "small" town I often run into those that know my sisters.

If I am in the Elementary School, Jr High School, High School, Band and other music extracurricular, Sewing, Embroidery, Dancing, Church circles I hear:

-Oh you must be Tamara's sister
-You walk like her
-You talk like her
-Wow you look like Tamara
-How tall is her son?
-How does she do it all?

If I am in the Medical, Blog, Church, Under 8 year old sports circles I hear:

-Oh you must be Ruth's sister
-You walk like her
-You talk like her
-Wow you look like Ruth
-How many kids does she have
-How does she do it all?

While Tamara rarely reports those that claim "Oh you must be Laura's sister" we do revel in the joy when people notice us together and put on the total Young sister show with arms a waving, voice inflection strengthened.

Ruth has recently reported two claims:

-At church - Oh your the sister of the mom of the two girls that look like twins that aren't twins
-At nail salon - (insert Vietnamese voice here) Oh you sister comes in with her man and kids all the time. She nice, he funny

Maybe I need to spend more time in Mesa or introduce them into more of my circles


Kim Thomas said...

And just yesterday I saw Doug throw up in his hands in the air and say to me "Sometimes, You and Laura have very similar personalities and actions"

Amy said...

I remember when I was your twin

Anonymous said...

Then there was Sunday when Dan showed up at the house and looked in the family room and said "When did Alice get here? ---Oh, that is my wife." How fun do be all related. Mom

Queen B said...

that is really cool!

Diane said...

The people would say to your sisters How does she do it all and then some?