Sunday, May 30, 2010

While I'm vacationing - Something you may not have known (Day 7)

I skipped third grade.

My dad spent hours doing non-traditional school work with me while traveling:

  • "Laura if we are traveling 60 miles an hour how long will it take us to travel 100 miles?What about if we travel 45 miles an hour for 200 miles?"
  • "Laura, what do you think about the bicentennial?'
  • "Laura tell me about the book you just read"
  • "Laura can you write a poem about the sky"

And then my dad spent hours convincing Dr Charlton to move me up a grade. A move I forever owe him for.

Shane Scott and Leslie Rose were my best friends at Plain City Elementary School (and probably the only ones who didn't call me "THE BOSS" - not a cool nick name when you are under age 10).


Queen B said...

RO! The Boss. Does KT call you that regularly?

KFuj said...

The boss is not a cool nickname at all.

Amy said...

We would not have been BFF if you had not skipped a grade. Thanks Dave!

Diane said...

Did not know this.