Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Your never fully dressed

Suit season is slowing entering back into my life. Skirts with no nylons and capris will become a vague memory.

An emergency trip to Plano escalated the suit.

Darn I forgot the socks.

PS: great Sam run in. Please note Alice has been married to his brother for 7 years and no pictures of he and I in this pose exist.
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Alice said...

This is so awesome! Im glad you finally have the pose and you look amazing!

MoM said...

You look great - both of you. Haven't seen Sam in a long time. Did you tell congrats on the upcoming wedding?

Queen B said...

I hope you ditched the jacket. It's so freaking humid here today! I apologize, on behalf of Texas ;)

You know Sam's office is right down the hall from mine???

Loving the hair.

Amy said...

You look very warm. Love your hair!

Diane said...

Great hair day! Capris can come back in the spring. Suits are great for the fall.

Kim Thomas said...

You are hot!