Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oklahoma German Feast with the Whitsons

When you feast with the Whitsons you can expect a couple of things

1. Great company including equal sparring and entertainment with the waiter
2. Impeccable food choices of the menu (and yes I did approve of/and order John's reccomendation of the sausage platter)
3. Awesome (word to be deleted from my vocab today) conversation including at least 4 new vocab choices and german languge education (conversation regarding food not on the menu not as impecable)
4. No family photo (but lots of pics of the food)

PS Alice I am calling you a Whitson as Marjorie's mother.


Queen B said...

Yum! I saw a Whitson 'round here last week :)

Diane said...

Pretzels look good.

MoM said...

Fun trip and good food and great company. What more could you want.