Friday, September 16, 2011

What 16 hours of travel and -50 degrees looks like

I always have an emergency shawl in my computer bag. It served me well in Dallas where it was 105 and AC was 70.

It was mediocre in Tulsa where it was 49.

Denver is 55. I can't get warm and feet are freezing (please recall I forgot socks to start with and I had a cold shower last night). So Dell just bought me the only adult size socks that the Denver airport has and a Colorado sweatshirt.

Right now my plane is the only one on time to 102 Phoenix, everything else delayed due to fog. Please pray for at least one on time departure/arrival.

And tonight I leave to 50 Columbus (this one for fun, and closed toe shoes).

I could be to Bora Nora by now right?

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SAngRiA Smiles said...

oh my....... travel hell

Like the sweatshirt

I'm sensing an opportunity in sock selling

Andrea said...

Loving the play by play.

I won't fly SWA out of Love Field out of the state. I will fly it to San Antonio quite readily as it is a 45 minute flight, but anywhere else, nope...

Sorry for your travel woes.

Diane said...

I feel so bad! Your socks are cute. I hope you enjoy the 50 degree weather, don't know if I would want it to be that cold but nice break from here.

Kim Thomas said...

My mom wants the socks.