Friday, September 9, 2011

Dell - I am the Brand

Today the world became a little smaller. See my email to Jerome Gordon (1 of 100,000 employees). Someone we should all be proud to know!


I am a Dell Services leader based in Phoenix at Catholic Healthcare West (CHW). Yesterday my husband Ash Shehata (who is also the Director of IT Operations for CHW) was relaying a story about your incredible customer service. I was so wowed by your end to end follow through that I was relaying it today when I was facilitating a Leadership Imperative class in Oklahoma.

As luck would have it your leader was in the class and immediately knew that the “Jerome” that I was speaking of was you.

I want to personally thank you for being a great brand ambassador. I am proud to know that I work with such committed, loyal individual like you.

Keep up the great work!


And More Brand Zealots Great pic Karie - thanks!
I am already preparing to hire Super Baby!


Queen B said...

ah! love that story :)

Queen B said...

those are great shirts! they must be managers.

Diane said...

Karie was supposed to send the pic that Phil liked...the one where he was not tilting his head.

Diane said...

Love great service and the sign.