Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Weekend - Saturday

Tarzan and I drove to the beach after long deliberation about the hotel choice. As luck would have it we picked an economical Quality Inn just 1.5 miles from the location of the annual girls beach weekend hotel.

I officially know a California city better than him (that stupid u turn at Doheny Beach).

Lots of memories here, great to spend the day sharing and making new.

Kim, Paul remembered us.

Rachel, I bought 3 hats.

Tarzan, thanks for your patience with the zooming in.
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Kim Thomas said...

And what a great city to know better than him! Can't wait for next girls weekend.

Seriously, how could Paul forget us?

Diane said...

You are so lucky! Did you get a trucker hat?

Queen B said...

Did you take your bikes?