Monday, September 19, 2011

Backwoods Fest

The last time I was in Columbus, OH it was an adventure with Tami in 2007. The last time I stopped in the middle of nowhere to experience a local mid west gathering was in Pratt, KS for the Miss Kansas pageant (yes all traffic on the freeway came to a complete stop) in 1993. And I am sure the last craft show I went to was in 1997 when Tami and I sold re-do denim.

Today in nowhere Ohio traffic came to a halt for the Annual Backwoods Fest (Google it......its the largest craft fair and bluegrass festival in Southeast Ohio).

Several treasures (yard ornaments, fleece jacket, home made chicken noodle soup and November Christmas gifts) and 4 hours later we were back on the road.

Great stop (thinking of you Tami)

PS go buckeyes
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SAngRiA Smiles said...

RO! I keep staring at that kid in the mask....

loving your hair

MoM said...

Dang, I miss all the fun!

Diane said...

I always am leary of homemade clean is that persons house? Unless of course I know them.

Kim Thomas said...

You bought yard ornaments?