Monday, September 5, 2011

The cupcake story

4 weeks ago while watching "Good Luck Charlie" on the Disney Channel the mom presented a cupcake to the dad to lighten a situation.

It turned my next free day into a cupcake splurge (Sprinkles in Scottsdale) . We were all sorely disappointed with the splurge (my chai flavored bordered good but the black/white, raspberry, peanut butter and lemon weren't even mediocre).

My next free day we went to Crumbs in Glendale. Ahhhhh yummy. So the children got to experience the ahhhhh yummy today.

We are all now experiencing cupcake crash and will not likely indulge until free day 2013.
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Diane said...

They look yummy! Leftovers?

MoM said...

Looks like fun - next I'll make my banana nut cake as cupcakes. I made that last week end - it was very yummy. It ran out before the chocolate one.

Queen B said...

I want a cupcake

I want to be in Phoenix

:) ILY

Kim Thomas said...

Violets (the place we went to a few years ago in Pasadena) is still my favorite