Thursday, December 5, 2013

The best kind of sandwiches

CEM wanted Sonic for dinner tonight. Since I can't blog two fast good restaurants in a row I told her I would make something

Her: something good?
Me: of course 
Her: like what?
Me: a sandwich
Her: with all the good stuff?
As she was happily consuming her meal I said "you know, Aunt Tami calls the an I Love You Sandwich"

After thinking on it for a brief while she said move apart as I was loving on my man. Huh? Mom move.
Her: now this is what I call an I Love You Sandwich 


Kim Thomas said...

So darn cute. Lol

Diane said...

Love this! your heads are in the shape of a heart

Sara Watson said...

so cute! and love that you were loving on your man :)