Saturday, December 21, 2013

Disneyland and technology

What it looks like:

Not what it looks like:

We went to Disneyland today to do a pre/celebration of Kim's 40th birthday at Club 33 (awesome!  Check out for full details).  Throughout the day we mocked those that were on their phones not enjoying the experience (the row of kids playing on theirs during the entire Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the kids at lunch with the phones propped up watching a video, the iPad in entertainment in line.)

At some point Kim captured Tarzan, David and I manipulating our phones in someway (I was taking a photo).  When Kim tried to entertain us with her capture David says "I'll one up you " with the above photo.

As you know a snapshot is never accurate. This is actually 3 IT Geeks trying to exchange 250 pictures with AirDrop (conclusion: this was a bad spot.  We moved to Starbucks for the successful exchange).


Diane said...

Great catch David. I like that each couple is matching.

Sara Watson said...

awesome pic :) I get sad when I see groups out and most of them are engaged with their phones vs each other. Life is short, people! I'm sure heaven has iPhones....

Kim Thomas said...

I am now considering this a photo collection.