Thursday, December 5, 2013

Demise of the Happy Meal

I don't go to McDonalds.  In fact when my kids were small Taco Bell/McDonalds visits were 15:1.

I have only been to McDonalds with my husband once (McCafe in Budapest)

So last night when Tarzan was craving a Big Mac I was slightly confused at his request.

More disconcerting was my children's request for Happy Meals (the 16 year old wanted the toy).

Ok.  The box is gone. The fries are small. Ronald is recycle conscious.  And calories matter. The toy was so insignificant (and they ask if it for a boy or girl) that a photo wasn't even taken).
After a significant amount of research I am still unsure when the box went away (2011?). Calories went from 520 to 410. 15 calories of that is the apples (what is that, 1/8 of the fruit). Sack is cheaper to make and discard (but not as fun). Finally, you will be happy to know that there are templates online to relive your excitement as a youth.

Not sure I missed anything all these years.  Wendy's fries are still better.


Kim Thomas said...

I am at mcDonalds more often than I care to admit. Our ratio between Carls je, mcdonalds and Taco Bell is. 5-4-1.

The box still exists just not all the time. We had boxes when we left the Grand Canyon two weeks ago. We had boxes a few months ago in summer too. They are way approved to bags.

Generally though it is Michael cheaper to do the $4.99 nuggets than the happy meals so we consider happy meals a treat, when we get the box it's a super treat.

Kim Thomas said...

That was supposed to be preferred not approved

Kim Thomas said...

And that was supposed to be much cheaper not Michael cheaper

Sara Watson said...

RO at Kim :)

There was a day on the beach trip that I thought we were going to have McD's 3x in one day. We managed to stop at 2. I like their egg white mcmuffin thing, so it's easy for road trips. If we're not traveling, though, I can't remember the last time I went to McD's. Interesting research on the happy meal.

Andrea said...

Having been a former McDonald's employee, the Happy Meal boxes have come and gone off and on for years, it depends on the location and what they are promoting at that time. The toy is also a challenge based on what is being promoted, as I'm certain you are all aware. The worst toy, in my experience of working there, was the week that we ran out of actual promotion toys and the store did not have any backup toys so my manager told me to stick a spork in the box as the "toy". Yeah, it was a really sad time in my life.

Diane said...

Lol Tarzan, did REM like the toy?