Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

We hosted Christmas Eve this year.  We decided that decorating a flocked (a new vocab word for CEM) tree old fashioned style would be a fun new tradition (thank you Aunt Teri for the research ;) )

1030 am we got the second to last flocked tree at 1/2 price (the lot was closing down)
1100 am the tree is in place 
530 pm my girls and I looking cute (a far improvement from 1030 am)
545 pm the popcorn threading begins
645 pm Clark and Ethan are threading g popcorn (and all the kids tried cranberries thanks to Uncle Dans proding).
715 pm Herston loved the decorating the most because "there are no rules"
830 pm and presents later all kids present posed
831 pm and the mamas 
915 pm quiet house and a beautiful tree 


Alice said...

Love this tradition. Very cool.

Diane said...

Awesome! I was wondering if you put up a tree this year.

Sara Watson said...

love this! there are no rules..... :)

Kim Thomas said...

Love the tree and love the pic of you and the girls!