Thursday, December 12, 2013

Back in the day

Last night Amy sent this to me with the comments:  "the pic of just us makes me think of a awkward family photo :)"

My thoughts:

1. Look at those cute Miranda's (ps happy birthday shout out to MNJ)
2. Amy hasn't changed (ok maybe the hair is a little different)
3. Where's the make up white girl?
4. REM looks scared
5. I wish I could get that hair color back


Sara Watson said...

Love these pictures!

Alice said...

This is so freaking funny. I am dying laughing right now.

Diane said...

Happy birthday to Amys Miranda! These pics are awesome

Amy said...


Amy said...

I seem to recall you weren't feeling well that day. Stomach bug of some kind.

Kim Thomas said...

These pics are the best! Still loling