Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bringing a little bit of Paradise home

The Shape of the Rainbow

The color difference between the shark and the ocean

The colors of the sky and shape of the mountain

The color of Tahitian Pearls

The multiple colors of the ocean
The shape of the huts
The diversity of the sky and ocean
The design of the lagoons
The colors of the sunset
The curvature of the hammock and color of the pool
The thumb crunched in the door
With the matching shapes and colors carrying all the great memories


Diane said...

Amazing! I love the colors of the ocean.

Ouch! Poor thumb.

Anonymous said...

Even more beautiful! Well, except for the thumb, Mom

Kim Thomas said...

You'll likely be able to keep that nail forever. Love all the pictures.

Queen B said...

so beautiful!

I should have stowed away ;)

Amy said...

Beautiful except the thumb

LoSpace said...

It's all good...even the thumb makes for a funny memory I am sure...