Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Shirt | The Story

So Kim found this super cool shirt with Eddie Bauer. We both planned and discussed how we would get one for each one of the HCBC. We could have a "uniform" that wasnt IT blue, we could take photos all over the country, we could bond with a simple green shirt.

And then it went on sale.
And then I went on a honeymoon.
And then I posted about the shirt.
And then I went to purchase the shirt.
And then I discovered the shirt was sold out online, and in 8 other stores in 3 states.
And so now it is a Charlotte Russe shirt, and if you dont have one soon you will :)


Amy said...

Oh my. That is a lot of work for a shirt.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, now I know more. Mom

Queen B said...

and then it was personally delivered to Plano, TX :)

Andrea said...

Muchos Gracias on the personal delivery!!

Kim Thomas said...

Had we had it in February I would have worn when giving birth