Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Making our guests happy

During the weekend of the wedding their were 18 people who stayed at my Hotel Laurel House. I wanted everyone close and enjoyed every minute I got to spend with people from CA to DC.
No one really followed the bathroom schedule and we went through 45 towels (yes I counted when they were washed).
The one negative feedback for all who stayed at HLH was that it was too warm. Even with the AC on apparently I do not have my personal space as chilly as others.
So to my 18 friends and family (especially the 3 inhabitants of the guest bedroom): HLH has offically upgraded.
The family room now requires CEM and I to wear sweaters and the first user of the guest bedroom gave it "5 thumbs up if that were possible"
Master bedroom
Guest Bedroom

Family Room



Kim Thomas said...

Being a former hotel industry employee, here is the comment card on my last stay:

Physical appearance of room: Excellent

Check-in process: Average (The host was not there upon arrival)

Cleanliness of room: Excellent

Climate Control: Fair however it had improved over previous visits

Cleanliness of your bathroom: Excellent

Quality of breakfast: Excellent (Starbucks)
Condition of the pool: N/A

Fitness center: Excellent, there was an upgrade since my last visit

Business center: Excellent. On site technician completed laptop updates

In room services:
Wireless Internet: Excellent
Label Maker: Good

Your overall experience: Excellent
Price/value of your stay: Excellent

How many visits have you made to this property in the last year? 6

How likely are you to return? Very Likely

How likely are you to recommend this property to others? Very Likely

Other Comments: The free babysitting service was fantastic and the snack shop is great! The business center includes many types of technology devices and an assortment of battery chargers.

The parking could be better as my car was crashed into while it was parked.

Amy said...

I am thrilled with the upgrades.

BTW, I love Kim Thomas!

Queen B said...


I'm impressed... installing ceiling fans in my house has been on my yearly to-do list for three years straight...

Diane said...

I think a pool should be installed. Can your maintenance man install fans on vaulted ceilings?

Andrea said...

Definitely look forward to a stay at this property! The kim1champ review rocks!