Monday, June 28, 2010

Mother of boys

So MJM had the unfortunate experience to get stung by a scorpian last week.

I did my very best to give sympathy since I am not apart of this club. Those that are apart of the social club tell me it is the worst pain ever.

Aunt Tami while wildly sympathetic of the sting having been stung herself. Proudly brought out Clarks project of Arizona creatures.

Not in my house. We squish and flush.

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Anonymous said...

While I have no problem squishing scorpions or catching mice in traps, I am basically a catch and release person. Such as last week, when I turned the corner to our common area at the office and there in the middle of the room was a snake. Dan helped me catch it and then we took it out side and released it. Live in AZ can be exciting! Mom

Queen B said...

poor thing :(

I'm a squish/flush fan. The husband likes to catch/release. ick

Andrea said...

I'm all for squish and flush or spray with toxic chemicals until there is a little pool of glowing bug spray and dead bug in the middle of it...just have to remember to not have an open flame.

Kim Thomas said...

So glad I am a mother of girls