Saturday, August 8, 2009

Took me 19 months to pay her back

It took her 9 pictures to open her eyes!
Sorry it took so long!
Thank you for being the work "girl scout"
(thanks Amy for the term),
for being a friend,
confidant and for being
willing to help no matter at what cost.
To SO!


Kim Thomas said...

Several Comments Here:

(1) Wish I had been there!

(2) The top photo is very embarrasing

(3) Hottest photo is the second one.

(4) What is happening with Laura in photo 5?

(5) Please explain the etch a sketch

(6) Diane rocks

Diane said...

I had a great time, thanks! The flash was so bright I would blink every time except for the top photo, nice:)

Queen B said...

Diane rocks

dang it, Kim used that...

Rae Beth Young said...

I wonder if you tried long enough if we could get rid of my droopy eye.