Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mrs Elias

I was at Costco and literally ran into REM's favorite teacher.
(Picture this: She and her husband were sharing the same space as Tarzan and I at the eye glass reading display, I am on the floor looking for the +125 readers and her spouse is on the floor looking for the +250 readers. We find ours and as I stand up her spouse turns to Tarzan and says "honey I think I foudn them". I prepare to tease our new friends and say "isnt he cute" as I make eye contact with the wife and realize who she is).

Here is what follows next.

Me: "OMG it's REM's favorite teacher"

Mrs Elias "OMG How is REM, I miss her"

Husband "You know each other"

Tarzan "You really know each other"

discussion about Super REM follows

Mrs Elias "Tell REM I said Hi!!"

Me "Let's do a picture and send it to her"
REM responds in record time "OMG tell her I said hi" and I got a phone call :)

Thank god for teachers, especially ones that touch the lives of a child so many years later!


Jenn Ann said...

Wow, a phone call and no need for a discrete photo? Definitely a cool teacher!

Queen B said...

that is awesome! too funny

Kim Thomas said...

Mrs Elias is hot

Rae Beth Young said...

Wow, what would the world be like if all teachers could make a big difference like that.