Monday, August 17, 2009

Only in Utah Part 2

-Incredible Wasatch Mountains
-Homemade Greenwell Cookies waiting upon arrival to her mom's house
-Grasshoppers just saying hi in West Weber
-A wedding invitation sitting in Amy's car
-An aggresive sign
-Unpersonalized Starbucks. Should have done drive thru


Amy said...

So this is why you took a picture of the wedding invite. :)Happy to share my first Starbucks experience with you. You forgot to share the dogs the size of horses.

Kim Thomas said...

So happy that Amy has made it to Starbucks!!!!! This is a life milestone.

Rae Beth Young said...

Well, then. Mom

Amy said...

Well, I didn't order anything, just entered the building. :)

Queen B said...

Amy's 1st Starbucks?! How are there not pics of that?!