Sunday, August 9, 2009

My part in saving the Universe

My mother is the most "green" recycing conscious person I know. She even scolded me and the girls at a recent Goodwill trip for accepting the plastic bags and pulled out her multi-use/multi-purpose carrying bg from inside her purse.

In your honor mom, I went shopping and didnt accept any plastic bags yesterday from:



Barnes and Noble


And I took a regular cup for refill a Starbucks


Kim Thomas said...

One Word: Awe

Sydney Thomas said...

Thank you, Aunt Laura.

Sydney Thomas said...

Oh dear, I need to update my profile pic

Alice said...

Mom saved the universe 3 times today in Oklahoma.

Andrea said...

Good for you! I use reusable bags, too. Bonus-they hold A LOT more!

Queen B said...

hate plastic bags

took our own coffee cups to church yesterday so as to avoid styrofoam!

Rae Beth Young said...

I am so proud of you - remember it takes 300 years for plastic to disintegrate. So if we all quit using plastic bags and recycled plastic containers and alum. cans and paper - all the easy things, what a difference we can make. Love ya, Mom