Thursday, March 26, 2015

The seventh graders mom

CEM has been fighting a terrible cold/allergy/God knows what illness .  She finally went to urgent care yesterday and got some decongestant.  This morning I wrote a note for her to give to school nurse to distribute to her but she was worried I would need to take to nurse.  As it turns out she was right the nurse needed a special form filled out.  And we waited, and waited, and waited in the school office in this state.

When I realized that I was unprepared to be in office (sometimes we are oblivious) I told her we should take a pic.  She was unphased with my appearance before this request. 

So, in an effort to not embarrass her I took it as I was exiting.

The difference two hours makes 

And thank you to KSS for my new glasses 


Amy Judd said...

LOL, this is awesome

Sara Watson said...


Andrea said...

The only thing that would have made this better is if you had been standing there in a house coat or at the least fuzzy slippers!

Kim Thomas said...

Those glasses..rofl