Thursday, March 19, 2015

Darn Children

Yesterday Ruth sent a pic of Annie of a child fighting the picture process.  I love this kid

It reminded me of my attempt to 3 year old pictures of MJM.  If I ever wanted to disown (or dismember) a child it was then.  She practiced and practiced before we got to Wal-Mart. then we get there and she wouldn't if go in front of the camera.  This young unprepared mother even stepped in to get her to smile/get in front of darn scary camera.

Then bribed her (please note that there is a fine line between tears/freakout and let me try to smile)

I was so mad that I left Walk-Mart without the pictures and went home for naps.  Once home, I called her Aunt Tami who went to Wal-Mart to purchase the pictures unaware to me.  When we woke up from naps the packet was sitting on my doorstep.  With sleep (and now with years) behind us, I laughed.  Laughing again now, and loving Annie even more!


Amy Judd said...

I have bribed with cash and corn dogs to get a smile and some cooperation

Kim Thomas said...

Every parent goes through this at least once and it is truly terrible. Love this story and that cute MJM. Way to go Tamara getting these

Sara Watson said...

RO! these pics are all great :)

MoM said...

Oh, picture day!

Diane said...

So cute! Can't believe Annie is this big