Friday, March 20, 2015

Eating our way through Disney

Tarzan read an article on food beast about 15 stunning food and drinks at Disneyland worth standing in line for.  We had tried some (lobster roll and bbq chicken baked potato) but decided this Spring Break we would break the calorie bank and graze 

Matterhorn Macaroon
Beignets and mint julep 
Peanut butter sandwich 
This one - the Monte Cristo (while amazing) did us in.



Kim Thomas said...

All fantastic and what a fun day! Hard not to add a Dole whip into a full calorie day. I am wanting to try the lobster nachos at the cove bar but haven't made it there yet.

Sara Watson said...

beignets......... yum!

Diane said...


Andrea said...

Coincidence that he read it on "food beast" and then wore the shirt that states that he is unleashing the beast?