Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Aaron is an Irish name

I am celebrating St Patrick's Day, as always, but not because I was a good planner this year - but because I am fortunate to have fashionable people in my world.

Yesterday morning as I was packing to go to San Francisco/Sacramento I threw in a pair of funky socks to go with my boots and jeans.  These funky socks are courtesy of my friend Aaron who is the first straight man I met that could pull off sassy socks.  I was so impressed with his swagger that I bought Tarzan several pairs for Christmas.

On the way to the airport I began my obsession that I forgot anything green. Oh dear, Grandma O'Haver will turn over in her grave, my poor mother will be so disappointed.  That obsession continued until last night at 9 pm when I pulled out the socks. God Bless the green stripes - my own gold statue end if the rainbow!!

Happy St Patrick's Day!!


Sara Watson said...

whew! Happy St. Patrick's Day :)

Amy Judd said...

Sexy socks

Kim Thomas said...

So uncharacteristic

Diane said...

Green is good