Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Cool Utah people

Growing up in Utah, this was the look you always wanted to achieve coming back from a weekend.  It is the badge that you did indeed take advantage of the the white powder and that you are cool enough to wear it.

Unless you are a red-head, and in an effort to acheive not only do not wear sunscreen, but also encourage it by putting snow on your face all day while hitting the slopes. The worst sun burn I have ever seen on Tami was just that.

Saw this ad at the airport and about pee'ed my pants.  Sent it to her and we laughed until we cried.


Diane said...


Kim Thomas said...

Something this Southern California girl has never experienced. Sunglasses arent as bad :)

Sara Watson said...

RO - that is hilarious! Know your audience, I guess.