Thursday, November 13, 2014


I'm I do realize this at first glance could be the second "I love sweets" post in one week: however the intention really is about minor things that bring me joy 

1. A salted, caramel drizzle, chocolate dipped pretzel as a surprise in flight by my husband to tame a nauseous tummy

2. A text and links to politics and religion that entertain me in a meeting from my youngest sister, a shout out from the younger  one in RAS thankful and and invite to human kindness from the eldest 

3. A random remembering of a week important to me from one of the loyalist person I know 

4. A retweet by Southwest 

5. Picture and 20 texts that follow from the grown ups that love my oldest 

6. Two of the funniest, smartest women I know and declaration that orange really is the new black (and the BFF who orchestrated the delivery)

7. Sitting in the miserable heat forgetting it all when the little one scores 

8. A photo proving that the middle one doesn't have the worst car. And the recipient of love from the best grandparents 

9. An ongoing attempt times 200 to get me out of a funk 

10. And the logical one missing and loving me from a far

Bonus:  my iPhone and it's new mediation and scripture apps


Diane said...


Kim Thomas said...

Joy will fall like rain when you speak life with the things you say.

Great post. I love you!

Alice said...

I love this and I like Kim's comment too.

Sara Watson said...

Love you! I'm still at #1, thinking about salted caramel, chocolate, and pretzels! YUM!