Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ice cream personalities

I trip to 31 Flavors on Thursdat resulted in a great assessment of personalities

RJ-2 scoops Black Walnut
Me-bottom scoop pralines and cream, too scoop pumpkin pie
Tarzan- in any order snickers and rocky road 


Amy Judd said...

I'm with Tarzan. PS I like your nails.

Kim Thomas said...

Shocked by the two scoops

Kim Thomas said...

Put me down for one scoop of mint chip and one scoop of chocolate/peanut butter

Sara Watson said...

Randall and I both do Daiquiri Ice. I have never known another person to choose that flavor....must be a perfect match :)

Diane said...

Love daiquiri ice and kims flavors but not all three together