Monday, November 24, 2014

Morning disguise

My routine travel during the work week usual results in a shower the night before.  I arrive at the airport with completely straight hair and no make up. Sometime during the flight (when I need to pee) I will pull the hair back or do a rat rat spray spray. When the plane is on descent I put on my make up.

When I land I look like a million bucks.

Today when I left Houston my hair was straight (I did manage to do make up before we left)

During the Phoenix layover I decided to curl the hair.
When it is time to board my favorite 6 am gate agent is working.  In an effort to be efficient, as soon as the business select boards I move to the front and say "16 (with a big smile because Fernando will know I'm not on a work trip and trying for to be helpful)

Fernando "Uh, wow. Looking good today"

Me "yeah I did my hair"

Fernando "and make up"

My super hero morning disguise is working.


Alice said...

That's freaking awesome.

Sara Watson said...

love the routine :) when is the next Dallas trip?

Kim Thomas said...

RO again

Amy Judd said...

:) So excited to see you today!

Diane said...

16?? You should be #1