Monday, November 3, 2014

Loving Sara

22 reasons I love SW

1. For her mad organization skills
2. For having a man cave that includes a Ms Pac Man machine
3. For her Christlike love of all (wo)men
4. She's a darn cool mom 
5. She will always be the Queen in my world 
6. For doting on and cherishing her husband 
7. For her sports team adaptation skills
(Note shirt above)
8. For feeding me and my army
9. For always making my Phoenix events important and visitable 
10. For being genuine and real
11. For her joy of wine
12. She's a great puppy mama
13. For dressing her daughter stylishly 
14. For our parallel lives (without ever working together)
15. For loving me
16. Because she comes up with project ideas and executes 
17. For importance of family in all things 
18. For our 22 connection
19. Because her work ethic is amazing 
20. For sharing her funny side 
21. For keeping HCBC alive 
22. For keeping my daughter warm


Amy Judd said...

Yay Sara!

Sara Watson said...

you are THE BEST. We had so much fun with y'all! Can't wait til next time :)

Kim Thomas said...

I love her too!!!! Great post!

Diane said...

This is awesome! Avery is adorable;)